Dental FAQs

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is gum disease. It affects all the supporting structures that hold the tooth in place including the tissue, jaw bone, and ligaments that attach the tooth to the jaw. Although not reversible, it can be arrested to prevent further damage and eventual tooth loss.

How often should I replace my toothbrush?

As often as needed. Usually after about 3 months a brush will show wear and look like you have been using it to scrub the sink fixtures with. Try and replace it before it gets like this.

Does whitening hurt your enamel?

No, whitening has been around for over 23 years. Most people like to touch up their whitening every 6 months after the initial whitening. The temporary side effects are cold sensitivity for a few days after whitening. There are treatments to prevent this.

I don’t see Dr. LaCroix listed on my insurance. Can I still come there?

You bettcha! If we happen to be out of network, you can still have Dr. LaCroix as your Dentist. You may or may not be out of pocket. We suggest you give us a call for prices and then talk to the insurance company.

How long will this take?

Our office tends to run on schedule most of the time and we never double book. You should plan 1.5 hours for your first visit and 45 to 60 minutes for your re-care appointments.

“Why do I need X-rays, I’m not having any problems”?

X-rays are considered “preventive”. When X-rays are taken on a yearly basis, Dr. LaCroix can find decay and other issues before they become painful. While a cavity is still small and hasn’t entered the nerve yet it usually doesn’t hurt and is less expensive to fill. However, that same cavity left to grow will soon need a root canal and then a crown to fully restore the tooth. By checking your insurance policy on coverages you can see how much out of pocket you will be if this occurs.

Why do I need a crown after a root canal?

The nerve is removed from the tooth during a root canal. Therefore, it no longer has a blood supply and will become dry, brittle and eventually break. By placing a crown on the tooth as soon as possible, it will prevent the tooth from breaking.

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